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Top fitness equipment manufacturer from China

We are always aiming to exceed customer expectations and provide creative solutions to meet any kind of demand. Keeping up with the emerging trends, market needs and combining them with our technical and creative expertise…


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Artbell offer fully customized fitness equipment to meet diverse market needs.

Complete solution

One-stop selection of fitness products for you to choose from

product develop

Support various customization and product development


Customize packaging, logo to fit your brand image and attract customers

Flexible logistics

Deliver on time and support various shipping terms

Create products that meet your ideas with customizable designs, tailored to enhance experience.
A variety of high-quality materials are available to ensure durability and performance exactly what you need.
Choose and customize colors that match your brand’s personality and values.Further enhance brand.
Customized packaging solutions, personalized designs to showcase your brand image.
What makes us different

Artbell prioritize meticulous craftsmanship, cutting-edge design and strict quality control to ensure our products stand out in durability, performance and customer satisfaction.


Design products with high standards of art,Strive to balance functionality and aesthetics


Stand the test of time. Provide customers with reliable and consistent performance products


Over 30 years of industry experience. We have deep manufacturing knowledge and skills


Committed to high quality manufacturing. We pay attention to every detail in production


Products are subject to multiple technical certifications and tests such as EN957, GS, REACH and PAHS by TUV every year according to customer requirements.

Certified Patent

Consider patent protection for each technology to ensure legal protection and market exclusivity.

production equipments
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Relevant production processes have been upgraded to international standards.

New R&D expenses

8% of profits are invested annually in the continuous improvement of products. 

Inspection procedures
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The defective rate of materials and products is recorded daily. Delivered after passing the test.

valuable partners

Through the repeated refinement by numerous valued partners, we have been able to craft fitness equipment that resembles art.

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01. Customer Inquiry

Our clients can contact us by email, phone, or through our website to initiate the inquiry process.

02. Business Inquiry and Quotation

Our experienced business team will respond to the inquiry and provide a quotation based on the client's specific requirements within 48 hours.

03. PI Issuance

After the quotation approved, our business team will issue a Proforma Invoice (PI) for the client to confirm the order.

04. Production

After the payment confirmed, we will begin production of the equipment. Our team will keep the client updated on the production process.

05. Quality Control

We will take the initiative to give feedback on the production progress and inspection status of products in all important links of production.

06. Payment and Delivery

After the client approves the equipment, they will make the final payment and we will arrange for delivery.

Once a customer from Spain found us through a Google search and reached out to us with a unique product idea. He had been struggling to find a factory that could bring his idea to life and had been turned down by many factories that either lacked the production capabilities or deemed his idea unprofitable.

After communicating with our experienced engineers, we helped the customer optimize his product design and made modifications to his drawings. We even went the extra mile to create a private mold for the product, despite the high cost. Thanks to our dedication and expertise, the product became a bestseller on Amazon.

A client in the The Middle East is gearing up to launch a high-end, 1800-square-meter luxury gym in 2024. After thoroughly considering various options, they selected Artbell as their exclusive gym equipment provider. Given the client's diverse business portfolio, Artbell's team of experts and engineers offers a complete range of fitness equipment required in the gym.

Our extensive portfolio offers a spectrum of ready-made equipment solutions. Provide the highest quality and most sought-after equipment favored by fitness enthusiasts. This collaboration enables the client to effortlessly kickstart their new venture with minimal time and effort investment.


Always open for any kind of cooperation and provide new promising fitness projects for you

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