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Why should you clean yoga mat after use?

If you practice yoga regularly, wash your yoga mat at least once a month, especially when the weather is hot. Because after long-term use, these yoga mats will become dirty and bacteria and sweat will accumulate dirt.

If your yoga mat starts to shed debris during practice or even stick to your clothes, you may want to consider buying a new mat.

Do not put your yoga mat in the dryer. Doing so will damage your mat and may cause a fire.

Regularly cleaning and repairing yoga mats made by Artbell can produce maximum value, first of all, it can eliminate bacterial buildup that can lead to poor health. As the posture progresses, the chances of smoothing out can decrease, and good yoga mats can continue to last for longer.

The importance of regular cleaning and maintenance

Clean your legs and hands before practicing

Keeping your hands and legs in constant contact with the mattress will not only extend the mattress’s lifespan, but also help to avoid the spread of bacteria to a certain extent. You can also wash your hands to remove any slippery lotion or frost that may occur during practice.

If you cannot wash your hands before practicing, you can consider using a gentle damp cloth to wipe the palms of your hands and feet.

Wipe the mat

After each practice, it is best to use a baby towel or a special yoga towel, or a soft cloth, to wipe it once and then roll it up again when it is done. This can help you keep your mat clean.

Or use a special cleanser for yoga mats, spray it on the surface of the yoga mat, rub it with a compress, and leave it to cool down.

You can try using yoga towel

If you are in a high temperature room or you just want to hold yourself and the towel apart, you can try using this towel.

clean yoga mat

Can I dry my yoga mat after washing it?

After washing the yoga mat, you can dry it in the sun, but pay attention to the following points:

Avoid direct sunlight: Do not dry the yoga mat in direct sunlight, because strong sunlight may cause the material of the yoga mat to age and become brittle. It is best to choose a cool and ventilated place to dry.

Hang to dry: If conditions permit, you can hang the yoga mat to dry, which can avoid creases.

Are yoga mat cleaning sprays useful?

Yoga mat cleaning sprays, they really work. Their ingredients are water, plant-derived emulsifiers, ethanol, aroma essential oils, etc. They do not contain paraben preservatives. Yoga mat cleaning sprays usually contain antibacterial and cleaning ingredients that can help remove surface dirt, sweat and odors. When using, spray on the surface of the yoga mat according to the product instructions, and then wipe it clean with a clean cloth. This method is very suitable for daily maintenance and keeping the yoga mat clean.

How to maintain a yoga mat

To clean yoga mat, you should keep it in good condition. First, since you take off your shoes and socks when using your yoga mat, shoes and socks will bring dust, sweat and bacteria to the mat. Next, be sure to wipe the yoga mat with a clean damp towel after each use. Finally, store the yoga mat in a dry, designated area, preferably in a yoga mat bag or box to remove dust, dirt and sunlight exposure.

Quality plus Application

When selecting the yoga pad, it is important to account for both quality plus application. The top-quality yoga is durable, comfortable, and offers great grip. A pad crafted from eco-friendly equipment, such as cork or plastic which may be normal for exercising yoga was determined to be hot. For all yoga which was working out on areas, choose a thicker pad with close padding.

How to make a homemade yoga mat cleaner

Making a yoga mat cleaner is very simple and only requires a few common household cleaning ingredients. Here is a simple recipe:

Homemade yoga mat cleaner recipe


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar (has antibacterial properties)
  • 5-10 drops of tea tree essential oil (natural antibacterial)
  • 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil (adds fragrance and has antibacterial properties)
  • Spray bottle


Prepare the container: Find a clean spray bottle, preferably new or thoroughly cleaned to ensure there are no residual chemicals.
Mix the ingredients: Pour the water and white vinegar into the spray bottle.
Add essential oils: Add tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil. The essential oils can be adjusted according to personal preference and needs, but it is recommended not to overdo it to avoid affecting the material of the yoga mat.
Shake well: Cover the cap of the spray bottle and shake well to mix all the ingredients thoroughly.


Spray: Spray the homemade cleaner evenly on the surface of the yoga mat.
Wipe: Gently wipe the yoga mat with a clean cloth or sponge, making sure the cleaner covers all areas that need cleaning.
Dry: Place the yoga mat in a cool and ventilated place to dry, away from direct sunlight.


Before use, it is recommended to test the cleaning agent on a small hidden area of ​​the yoga mat to ensure that it will not damage the material of the yoga mat.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your yoga mat is crucial to the durability, quality, and safety of your yoga class. Maintaining a yoga mat is not a very convenient task. Choose a high-quality yoga mat, use them correctly, store it in a dry location, and it should last for many years.


Table of Contents

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