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Considerations for Choosing the Best Abdominal Wheel

Because of its small size and diverse functions, the ab wheel is very suitable for home fitness. Here are 4 steps to help you avoid making the wrong choice.

1. Look at the number of wheels

Determine the difficulty of use

Common ab wheels on the market usually include narrow single wheels, widened single wheels, double wheels, three wheels, and double-row four wheels. The more and wider the wheels, the more stable the ab wheel.

For fitness beginners who have just started, because of their weak waist and abdominal core strength, they need stability very much, so it is recommended to choose an ab wheel with 2-3 wheels, or a widened single wheel ab wheel.

After the core strength is improved, you can advance to a narrower single wheel or double wheel.

2. Look at the size of the wheel

Determine the intensity of exercise

The diameter of the ab wheels on the market ranges from about 10cm to 20cm. The smaller the wheel diameter, the more difficult the movement and the greater the intensity of exercise; conversely, the lower the intensity of exercise.

It is recommended that beginners choose an ab wheel with a wheel diameter greater than 15cm.

High-level trainers can choose an ab wheel with a wheel diameter less than 15cm.

3. Look at the material

We mainly focus on the material of the wheel and handle of the ab wheel.

The common materials of the wheel of the ab wheel are PP, PVC, TPE, etc. It is recommended to give priority to rubber materials such as TPE and PVC, which are not only environmentally friendly and odorless, but also more durable.

The common materials of the handle of the ab wheel are foam and rubber, etc. It is recommended to give priority to more non-slip and durable rubber handles. Although the foam handle is comfortable, it is not durable.

4. Look at the function

steel leaf spring > alloy steel spring

Slightly better ab wheels have brakes and rebound functions, which can protect the fitness people and assist those with weak core strength to return to the starting position. Therefore, whether you are a novice or an old hand, I recommend choosing an ab wheel with a rebound function.

The core component that determines the rebound function is the spring, which has steel leaf springs and alloy steel springs.

Ordinary alloy steel springs have uneven damping and poor resilience; steel leaf springs have smoother damping, higher tensile strength, and better user experience.

Abdominal Wheel types

Choose kettlebells according to their purpose

Single wheel, two-handed wheel

High difficulty

Small wheelbase, small wheel, low center of gravity. Because it is a single wheel, the trainee needs to have strong physical strength to control the body balance

Choose kettlebells according to their purpose

Four wheels, one-handed wheel

The most difficult

Requires extremely strong arm, waist, back and chest strength to achieve body balance. There are many tricks and various training methods
Recommended people: have a good physical training foundation, strong strength, one-handed wheel can improve the body line curve

Choose kettlebells according to their purpose

Double wheels, two-handed wheel

Medium difficulty

Compared to single wheel, the wheelbase is large, the wheel is large, and the center of gravity is high. Because the roller is located in the middle, strength is still needed to control the body balance

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