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Medicine ball, also known as weight ball or wall ball, with a rich history dating back 3,000 years to Persian corner kickers. Trusted by the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates for injury recovery and strength training, medicine balls remain invaluable in sports medicine today. ARTBELL offers a comprehensive range of Medicine balls production, perfect for retailers, and wholesalers.

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Considerations for Choosing the Best Weight Ball

Beginner: Air-filled or Cotton Yarn Weighted Fitness Ball. Be more suitable for beginners, offering a manageable weight and easier handling.

Strength Training: Sand-filled or rubber-filled balls provide a wide range of weights and durability for intense workouts.

Explosive Movements: Gel-filled or rubber-filled balls with a good bounce are ideal for throwing and catching drills.

Core Stability and Balance: Water-filled balls offer a unique challenge due to their dynamic shifting weight.

Outdoor Use: Rubber-filled balls are weather-resistant and can handle outdoor conditions well.

Weight Ball types

1. Hard Medicine Ball


  • Material: Hard rubber or synthetic material
  • Surface: Textured for grip
  • Weight Range: Wide range of weights


  • Durability: Highly durable, suitable for high-impact use
  • Bounce: Often has a good bounce
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of exercises, including throwing, catching, and slamming

Basic Introduction: Hard medicine balls are made from durable rubber or synthetic materials and are designed for intense use, such as slams and high-intensity throwing exercises. They often have a textured surface for better grip.

2. Leather Soft Medicine Ball


  • Material: Leather or synthetic leather
  • Surface: Soft, often stitched
  • Weight Range: Moderate weight range


  • Comfort: Soft exterior makes it comfortable to handle and catch
  • Safety: Safer for partner exercises and catching due to the soft surface
  • Grip: Leather provides a good grip, even when sweaty

Basic Introduction: Leather soft medicine balls are made from leather or synthetic leather, filled with materials like sand or synthetic fibers. The soft exterior is comfortable and ideal for partner exercises and functional training.

3. Single and Double Ear Medicine Ball


  • Material: Rubber or synthetic material with handles
  • Handles: Single or double handles for gripping
  • Weight Range: Wide range of weights


  • Grip and Control: Handles provide a secure grip and better control
  • Versatility: Can be used for both medicine ball and kettlebell-like exercises
  • Safety: Reduced risk of dropping due to handles

Basic Introduction: Single and double-ear medicine balls feature one or two handles, combining the benefits of a medicine ball and a kettlebell. They are suitable for exercises that require a secure grip and control, like rotational throws and woodchoppers.

4. Rope Medicine Ball


  • Material: Rubber or synthetic material with an attached rope
  • Rope: Sturdy rope for swinging
  • Weight Range: Moderate weight range


  • Dynamic Exercises: Ideal for swinging and rotational exercises that target the core and improve coordination
  • Explosive Power: Excellent for developing explosive movements
  • Variety: Adds a new dimension to traditional medicine ball workouts

Basic Introduction: Rope medicine balls come with an attached rope, allowing for swinging and rotational exercises. They are great for developing core strength, coordination, and explosive power.

Customized Weight Ball

When customizing and purchasing medicine balls, there are a few key aspects to consider to ensure you choose the right product for your specific needs:

1. Quality and Materials

  • Material Selection: Make sure the medicine ball is made of high-quality materials, such as durable rubber, synthetic materials, or leather. This will ensure that the medicine ball can maintain a long life under heavy use.
  • Surface Texture: If the medicine ball needs to provide good grip, choose a design with a textured surface, especially for hard medicine balls.
  • Padding: Pay attention to the type of padding (such as sand, synthetic fiber, air, etc.) to meet different exercise needs. Sand filling is heavier and stable, while air filling is lighter and suitable for beginners.

2. Design and Functionality

  • Size and Weight Range: Choose the right size and weight range for different training needs. Make sure the supplier offers a variety of options to accommodate a variety of users and exercise types.
  • Handles and Cords: If you need a medicine ball with specific functions, such as a medicine ball with handles or cords, confirm that the design is ergonomic and strong and durable.
  • Logos and Customization: When customizing medicine balls, consider whether you need to add specific logos, colors, or brand logos. Make sure these customization options do not affect the functionality and durability of the medicine ball.

3. Cost and Budget

  • Price Comparison: Compare prices between different suppliers, but do not use price as the only criterion. Pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness of the product.
  • Shipping Cost: Consider shipping and logistics costs, especially when purchasing in large quantities. Ask the supplier if they offer free or discounted shipping options.
  • Volume Discounts: Find out if there are price discounts or discounts when purchasing in large quantities to ensure that you get the best value within your budget.

4. Safety and Testing

  • Safety Standards: Make sure the medicine ball meets relevant safety standards, such as non-toxic materials and environmental certifications.
  • User Testing: Before purchasing in large quantities, conduct small-scale user testing to ensure that the medicine ball meets actual usage needs and obtain positive feedback from users.
  • Durability Testing: Ask the supplier to provide a durability test report of the product to ensure that the medicine ball will not be easily damaged under high-intensity use.

5. Customer feedback and reviews

  • Customer reviews: Check other customers’ reviews and feedback to understand their satisfaction with product quality, durability, and supplier service.
  • Real cases: Ask the supplier if they can provide real cases or successful customer experiences to better evaluate the actual performance of the product.

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