Aluminum Grip Strength Trainer

  • Aids in rehabilitation exercises
  • Fits all hand shapes
  • Relieves hand pressure and reduces muscle tension

Aluminum Grip Strength Trainer

  • Aids in rehabilitation exercises
  • Fits all hand shapes
  • Relieves hand pressure and reduces muscle tension
ColorCustomizable color
PackingColor box 、color card
Size14 *10 cm

The significance of grip training

Grip strength machines were originally used for special sports that need to improve basic grip strength, such as weightlifting, strongman, bodybuilding, strongman, wrestling, rock climbing, etc. With the increase in the number of folk grip strength enthusiasts in various countries, grip strength machines have also become equipment for specialized grip strength players and some strength fitness practitioners. Different from ordinary plastic grippers, metal grippers provide a variety of different specifications of closing strength options, allowing players to gradually improve their grip strength through training. The average grip strength of an average adult male is around 45KG, and most models of heavy-duty grippers are far more powerful than 45KG. Metal grippers are relatively stronger than ordinary people. Grippers can allow trainers to obtain a pair of stronger grippers. Strong hands. Without special exercises, it is difficult for an average adult man to close a 150-pound (approximately 45-55kg) gripper, while a 250-pound (corresponding to 80-85KG grip) gripper with normal strength may make a large gym full of people. Submerged, the metal grip may not feel like a spring, but like a hard stone. If you just need to move your fingers, stay away from metal grips. This is a serious and challenging strength sport.

What is the RGC value

Rating Gripper Calibration means gripper calibration. Due to errors in the spring manufacturing process, grippers of the same scale level may have different closing strength. Trainers are very happy to know the specific closing strength of the gripper they are using so that they can know their grip strength level. Therefore, the American company Cannon PowerWorks (CPW for short, which sells grip equipment and related services online) launched a grip strength calibration service. The unit of this value is pounds, which is the strength when pressure is applied to the tail of the grip strength to close. According to the person in charge of CPW, the RGC calibration of the new gripper needs to be closed 30 times before the final value is given. The method for converting RGC pounds into hand grip strength (KG) is RGC×0.45×1.5.
For example, for the GHP8 gripper, the value given by CPW is 173 pounds, which is converted into a grip strength of 173×0.45×1.5≈116KG. That is to say, closing it and locking it in the closed state with one hand requires a continuous output of 116 kg of grip strength. This is the level of a world-class master.



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