Chrome Powerlifting Steel Plate

  • Solid steel for increased plate stability.
  • No odor, tough and crack-proof.
  • Electroplating Texture Selected Electroplating Texture, Corrosion Resistant

Chrome Powerlifting Steel Plate

  • Solid steel for increased plate stability.
  • No odor, tough and crack-proof.
  • Electroplating Texture Selected Electroplating Texture, Corrosion Resistant
Model NumberYL-FW-124
NameChrome plated weight lifting plate
Collar diameter51mm

Choose from a range of wholesale home and commercial Chrome plated weight lifting plates from Artbell Fitness, manufacturers of quality fitness equipment.

They are sold in pairs, and plates are also available in various sizes.

How to differentiate between high-quality barbell plates and inferior barbell plates

Basic Material:
The fundamental material used in manufacturing the plates sets the foundation for their quality. Cast iron is a preferred material due to its high strength, cost-effectiveness, and ease of shaping into the desired final product. For instance, the Artbell Grip Plates utilize a steel composite material that offers greater durability compared to cast iron, providing better resistance to drops and minimizing the risk of cracking or fracturing.

Manufacturing Precision:
The manufacturing precision of the plates is directly related to their overall price point. Higher precision plates undergo additional steps to enhance quality, such as machining for smoother surfaces and more accurate shapes. These steps also improve the overall weight accuracy of the plates, reducing weight discrepancies. While all plates have weight discrepancies, cheaper weightlifting plates tend to have larger discrepancies than higher-quality ones, which have minimal variations from the stated weight.

Type of Plate Protection:
The type of protection applied to the plates plays a crucial role in their overall cost and durability. While iron plates with basic black or gray paint finishes are the most economical, they offer the least durability in terms of protection. Paint can chip or crack in gym environments, exposing the iron to elements and initiating the rusting process.

Rubber-coated plates provide superior protection and better impact resistance. However, some users may find them off-putting due to the associated rubber smell. Polyurethane-coated plates, on the other hand, are the most durable and long-lasting Olympic plates available, with minimal or no odor.

Choose from Artbell Fitness’s selection of barbell plates, including Chrome plated weight lifting plates, Plastic Coated Weight plates, Three-handle Weight Plates, cast iron, rubber-coated, and polyurethane-coated options, tailored to various needs and budgets. Whether for home gyms or professional fitness centers, our plates ensure quality, durability, and performance.


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