Electric treadmill

  • Display details, Time,distance,pulse,speed,calorie
  • Fault self checking/resilient cushioning system

Electric treadmill

  • Display details, Time,distance,pulse,speed,calorie
  • Fault self checking/resilient cushioning system
Item No.YL-TD-210
Package size(mm)1740x850x370
MotorDC 2.5HP
Display10″ TFT
Running area(mm)495×1305
Occupancy area(mm)1630X820X1440

Two important criteria for selecting a treadmill.

First, stability and durability. The stability and durability of a treadmill are directly related to its service life and safety. Therefore, when purchasing a treadmill, we should pay attention to its material and structure. High-quality treadmills usually use high-strength steel and wear-resistant materials, which can effectively withstand the impact and friction during running. At the same time, the structure of the treadmill should also be reasonable, able to maintain a stable operating state and reduce the occurrence of faults.
Second, function and performance. The function and performance of a treadmill is another important factor we need to consider when purchasing. Different treadmills have different functions and performance characteristics. For example, some treadmills have multiple sports modes, intelligent heart rate monitoring, automatic speed regulation and other functions, which can meet the needs of different consumers. In addition, the performance parameters of the treadmill, such as horsepower, running belt width, and slope adjustment, are also what we need to pay attention to. The greater the horsepower, the stronger the carrying capacity of the treadmill; the wider the running belt, the higher the comfort during exercise; the wider the slope adjustment range, the greater the exercise intensity, and the better the exercise effect on the body.


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