grip ring

  • Tire texture non-slip grip
  • Solid silicone is elastic
  • High quality, passed grip strength test

grip ring

  • Tire texture non-slip grip
  • Solid silicone is elastic
  • High quality, passed grip strength test
SIZEblue 30lb and 40lb

Orange 40lb and 50lb

Gray 50lb and 60lb

Black 60 lbs and 70 lbs

MaterialSolid silicone
UsageFinger Trainer
LogoCustomized Logo Availabled
ColorCustomized Color
TypeFitness Accessories

Choosing the right gripper is key as there are many brands and products on the market. To obtain a better user experience, we can consider the following aspects:

Type of choice
Easy to carry: Grip balls and grip circles are good options. They are small, lightweight, and easy to carry so you can practice anywhere and anytime.
Adjustable strength: The R-type gripper has adjustable resistance, allowing you to adjust the training intensity according to your personal needs and suitable for different stages of training.
Recordable strength: The electronic gripper can record your grip strength data to help you track training progress, which is especially important for those who want to quantify training results.

Material selection
Handle material: Different types of grippers use different materials. Plastic, silicone, and sponge are common options. Foam handles are the most suitable choice because they are non-slip, feel good, and are more comfortable.
Spring material: The material of the spring has an important impact on the durability and performance of the grip. Stainless steel is durable and resistant to rust, while fine steel is harder and more flexible.

Choice of intensity
Individual needs: Different people have different strength levels and exercise goals, so you need to choose the intensity that suits you. It’s wise to gradually increase your grip strength rather than starting with a resistance that’s too difficult. Generally speaking, 10kg can be selected for rehabilitation training or novice strength, 20kg can be selected for ordinary high school students, and 40kg can be selected for adult men.

Humanized design
Ergonomic design: The handle design of the gripper should be in line with ergonomic principles, able to be held comfortably and reduce hand discomfort.
Anti-slip design: The anti-slip design of the handle helps to stabilize the grip and improve training effects.
When choosing a gripper, comprehensive consideration of the type, material, strength, and design can help you find the gripper that best suits you, improve training results and reduce unnecessary discomfort.


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