metal hand grip

  • Aids in rehabilitation exercises
  • Fits all hand shapes
  • Relieves hand pressure and reduces muscle tension

metal hand grip

  • Aids in rehabilitation exercises
  • Fits all hand shapes
  • Relieves hand pressure and reduces muscle tension
ColorCustomizable color
Size13*11 cm
PackingColor box 、color card

What is locking?

That is to say, directly assist in pre-pressure until it is closed, and work hard with one hand to lock the closed state.

What is the difference between preloading and MMS?

The technical term for grip strength set is to place and press the small opening with the auxiliary hand to facilitate the closing of the optimal grip. MMS is the Mash Monster brand certified closing technology, the full name is “Mash Monster Set”, the abbreviation is MMS, which requires auxiliary preloading to the extent that the two handles are parallel or greater than parallel. Pressing until the opening is less than parallel is called deep preloading, deep set.

What is negative training?

This is a form of Supra Maximal training. When you deeply preload a heavier gripper and one hand cannot lock the closed state after releasing the auxiliary hand, use external force to push the hand doing grip training with the auxiliary hand to close the gripper and keep it 3- Wait for 5 seconds, then reduce the pushing force of the external auxiliary hand, and slowly bounce one hand off the gripper, ending. The whole process is negative training, which is used to stimulate the nervous system to adapt to greater intensity, and is used by some trainers to break through the plateau period. However, the negative requires extremely skilled techniques to ensure that the fingers maintain the correct bending direction under the huge elastic force before it can be used for training, otherwise it may be injured. This type of training is not recommended for novices. To be on the safe side at this time, either you can use a slightly lighter gripper to slowly accumulate and improve, or you can choose a clamp for posterior closure.

What is a clamp closure?

Use one or two clamps to lock the top of the gripper handle to limit the position, and reduce the opening to perform back-stroke closing exercises. The clamp usually has an adjustable range of 33-57mm, and a slightly larger one is also acceptable. Grips lock the clamp, usually parallel to the handle or with the opening less than parallel. Clamp closures are typically used with heavy grips for low-rep exercises (1-5 reps per set).

How can I practice if the clamp cannot be closed?

In this case, you should temporarily abandon the gripper of that strength and choose a gripper with a slightly smaller strength for practice, or use ultra-short distance closure, which is the so-called mini/micro reps. Ultra-short distance continuous closure is very important for breakthrough. Significance.

How to attach clamps to heavy weight grippers?

This is a problem that most trainers encounter. Indeed, it is not easy to clamp a heavy gripper. This is a strenuous task, and it is absolutely impossible to do it without hand strength. But it’s also a technical job, so you can take it easy. Step 1: Wrap 1-2 layers of hand glue or tape on the upper end of the handle. The friction between the clamp and the handle will damage the appearance of the handle. In addition, the hand glue can also prevent the clamp from falling off when closing. Step 2: Adjust the shape and range of clamp A, put clamp A on the chair by pressing the grip with your hand, and tighten the screw to press the small opening. Step 3: When the opening is small to a certain extent, put clamp B on the spring, press the handle with your hand, and tighten clamp B and clamp A to continue narrowing the opening. Step 4: When the opening is small enough to put a clamp on the end of the handle, wrap hand glue on the end, and then put on clamp C. Step 5: Tighten the clamp C so that the gripper can be opened very easily.


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