Muscle Massage Gun

  • 36db double mute
  • luxurious metal one-piece body
  • 1500-2800 rpm
  • 3-6h battery life
  • 4-level Intelligent speed change

Muscle Massage Gun

  • 36db double mute
  • luxurious metal one-piece body
  • 1500-2800 rpm
  • 3-6h battery life
  • 4-level Intelligent speed change
NameMuscle Massage Gun
MaterialNylon fiber reinforced integrated connecting rod impact head
Massage Head4
Power1200 mAh, capacity battery


  1. Speed Settings: Most massage guns come with adjustable speed settings to control the intensity of the massage.
  2. Interchangeable Heads: Different attachment heads for targeting various muscle groups and types of massage.
  3. Battery Life: Rechargeable batteries with varying life spans; some last for several hours on a single charge.
  4. Portability: Compact and lightweight design for easy transportation.
  5. Noise Level: Advanced models are designed to operate quietly.
  6. Ergonomic Design: Comfortable grips and lightweight construction for easy handling.

How to Use a Muscle Massage Gun

  1. Choose the Right Attachment: Select the appropriate head for the muscle group you are targeting.
  2. Power On and Adjust Speed: Turn on the device and set it to a comfortable speed.
  3. Apply to the Muscle: Gently press the massage gun onto the muscle, moving it slowly over the area.
  4. Duration: Use it on each muscle group for 1-2 minutes. Avoid using it on one spot for too long to prevent bruising or irritation.
  5. Pressure: Apply light to moderate pressure. Let the device do the work without pressing too hard.
  6. Post-Workout: Use the massage gun after workouts to help with muscle recovery and reduce soreness.

Safety Tips

  • Consult a Professional: If you have any medical conditions or injuries, consult a healthcare professional before using a massage gun.
  • Avoid Bones and Joints: Do not use the device directly on bones, joints, or sensitive areas.
  • Moderation: Use the device in moderation, and don’t overuse it on one particular area.
  • Listen to Your Body: If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop using the device immediately.

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