speed skipping rope

  • Micro resistance steel wire skipping rope
  • High-strength alloy handle
  • Perfect for beginners as well as advanced jumpers.

speed skipping rope

  • Micro resistance steel wire skipping rope
  • High-strength alloy handle
  • Perfect for beginners as well as advanced jumpers.
Model NumberYL-FA-243
Namespeed skipping rope
Size2.8/3m Length Rope
PackageOpp bag+carton
  1. Steel bar in the handle,making it stronger,Rotatable inner handle, not easy to be knotted.
  2. Adjustable cable,Rubber caps, light weight steel cord with heavy duty plastic coating.
  3. The handle has a unique frosted surface and streamlined design that fits the palm of your hand.
  4. Wear-resistant rubber-coated steel wire, stable and safe.

What is the appropriate length of skipping rope?

The appropriate length of skipping rope can be adjusted according to the following steps:
Standing posture: First, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Rope holding action: Hold the two ends or handles of the skipping rope with both hands, and keep your arms hanging naturally.
Adjust the length: Make sure that when your arms are bent and raised to both sides of the body, the rope is straightened and the soles of your feet are in the middle of the rope. This length is appropriate.
Rope skipping skills: When skipping rope, you should use the forefoot to take off and land, and avoid using the whole foot or heel to land to reduce the vibration of the head. Keep your body naturally bent when jumping and keep the natural rhythm of breathing.
For beginners, it is not advisable to skip rope too fast, and you should pay attention to the contraction and contraction of the leg muscles. It is recommended to rest for a while after every 100 to 200 jumps. In order to achieve the desired effect, jump at least 100 times per minute, and the ideal heart rate is about 150 beats per minute. As your skills and physical strength improve, you can increase the intensity of exercise. For example, jumping 140 times per minute for 6 minutes is equivalent to jogging for half an hour. If you run after jumping rope, you will also feel that your lung capacity has improved.


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