Vibrating foot massage ball

  • Soft rubber material covering, anti-corrosion
  • It uses 3 dry batteries, which can be easily replaced during operation.
  • Unique shape design, easy to operate and not easy to slide

Vibrating foot massage ball

  • Soft rubber material covering, anti-corrosion
  • It uses 3 dry batteries, which can be easily replaced during operation.
  • Unique shape design, easy to operate and not easy to slide
Product SizeΦ72mm*140mm
G.Weight /pcs0.3kgs
Color Box Size79x79x15.2cm
Carton Size41.5*33.5*48 cm
G.Weight /Ctn18 kgs
Loading Qty(pcs)20GP: 34460  40GP:73800  40HQ:84920

A vibrating foot massage ball is a device designed to provide therapeutic benefits through mechanical vibrations. These vibrations can have various effects on the human body, particularly in terms of stimulation and therapeutic outcomes. The frequency of the vibration plays a crucial role in determining the nature and extent of these effects.

Vibration Frequencies and Their Effects

  1. Low Frequencies (5-20 Hz)
    • Stimulation: At these lower frequencies, vibrations tend to have a gentle massaging effect. They are often perceived as relaxing and soothing.
    • Effects:
      • Muscle Relaxation: Low-frequency vibrations help in reducing muscle tension and spasms.
      • Pain Relief: They can alleviate mild pain by desensitizing pain receptors.
      • Improved Circulation: These frequencies can enhance blood flow and lymphatic drainage, promoting better circulation in the feet and lower extremities.
      • Calmness and Relaxation: Low frequencies are generally calming, helping reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Medium Frequencies (20-40 Hz)
    • Stimulation: Medium-frequency vibrations provide a balance between relaxation and stimulation.
    • Effects:
      • Muscle Activation: These frequencies can activate muscle fibers more effectively, which can help in improving muscle tone and strength.
      • Enhanced Proprioception: Improved awareness of body position and movement, beneficial for balance and coordination.
      • Moderate Pain Relief: Effective for reducing moderate pain and discomfort, especially in chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis.
      • Circulatory Benefits: Continued improvement in blood flow and lymphatic drainage.
  3. High Frequencies (40-60+ Hz)
    • Stimulation: High-frequency vibrations are more stimulating and can be perceived as invigorating.
    • Effects:
      • Deep Tissue Massage: These frequencies penetrate deeper into tissues, providing a more intense massage.
      • Increased Muscle Strength: Enhanced muscle activation and conditioning.
      • Pain Relief: Effective for managing more severe pain conditions by disrupting pain signals.
      • Enhanced Recovery: High-frequency vibrations can accelerate muscle recovery post-exercise by reducing lactic acid buildup.

Mechanisms of Action

  1. Neuromuscular Activation:
    • Vibration stimulates sensory receptors in the skin and muscles, leading to increased neuromuscular activation. This can improve muscle function and coordination.
  2. Blood Flow and Lymphatic Drainage:
    • Vibrations promote vasodilation and enhance blood flow, improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and facilitating the removal of metabolic waste products.
  3. Pain Modulation:
    • Vibration can interfere with pain signals sent to the brain by activating large-diameter afferent nerve fibers, which can inhibit the transmission of pain from smaller pain fibers.
  4. Hormonal and Biochemical Responses:
    • Vibration therapy can lead to the release of endorphins and other neurotransmitters that help in pain reduction and mood improvement.

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