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We have brought forth a comprehensive introduction to a variety ofgym weights, of which includes free weights and selectorized machines. 

We have highlighted the characteristics and usage of 12 “must have” strength equipment for any gym or fitness setting. 

This is catered for suppliers of sports and fitness products, amazon sellers, gym owners, athletes and sports enthusiasts. 

The 6 “MUST HAVE” Gym Free-Weights

In terms of free-weights, we have covered:

  • Dumbbells 

  • Barbells 

  • Kettlebells 

  • Bars 

  • Weight Plates 

  • Weight Ball 


Dumbbells can be created from various materials (i.e. rubber coated, iron, and cement) and come in a range of loads that can be classified as “light to heavy”. 

Some dumbbells can be purchased as fixed weight, whereas others are adjustable. The price of dumbbells ranges from $5 to over $100, depending on the weight, brand, and quality. 

A  gym weights room without a range of dumbbells is incomplete, so you should certainly consider them in our option.

Unique Characteristics Of A Dumbbell

One of the most distinctive characteristics of a dumbbell is the center handle and the outer weight plates. The center handle is narrow and made of iron, thus altering the center of gravity and making the dumbbell suitable to grip in each hand. 

Usage Of Dumbbells? 

As a result, these characteristics allow for a wide selection of amazing isolation and compound exercises like dumbbell curls, shoulder flies, chest flies, upright rows, shoulder presses, and chest presses. 


Thebarbellsare another essential strength equipment that really completes any gym or fitness setting in our opinion. Barbells can be slightly more expensive than dumbbells and range from $50 to over $500. 

You can purchase fixed barbells which are perfect as part of a commercial  or advanced gym. On the other hand, you have the choice of adjustable barbell sets which are more suited for home based exercise settings. 

Unique Characteristics Of A Barbell

For the most part, barbells are made from the same materials as dumbbells. However, unlike dumbbells, the barbell has a much wider center part, therefore it is suitable to grip with both hands. 

Usage Of Barbells? 

For this reason, the barbell is much more suited to effective and enjoyable double-hand compound exercises like overhead presses, bench presses, upright rows, back rows, and deadlifts. 


Simply put, the kettlebell is a bell-shaped free-weight that is priced within the range of $20 to $100, depending on the weight, brand, and quality. 

Unique Characteristics Of A Kettlebell  

The characteristics of the kettlebellis are completely different from other free-weights. The kettlebell possesses a unique rounded handle at the top of a rounded weight, thereby shifting the center of gravity underneath the gym weight.

Usage Of Kettlebell

The kettlebell makes for some very fun, unique, and productive exercises like the kettlebell swings,  kettlebell swings, kettlebell snatch, kettlebell windmill, kettlebell cleans, etc. 

Effective, yet enjoyable, too good to be true? Certainly a reason for the kettlebells not to be looked past as an investment, right? 

Weight Plates

Weight platesare a gym essential that can be applied onto empty bars and specific resistance training machines.

They are usually circular disc shaped and come in a variety of materials (cast iron and rubber coated) and loads/sizes. 

As funny as it may sound, a gym without weight plates is like having a cup without any drink. So it makes sense to consider buying weight plates. 

The cost of weight plates vary from $1.50-$3 depending per pound of weight


The Weight Ball

The weight ball, also known as the medicine ball, in recent years, has become one of the most desired gym accessories in any commercial gym and strength & conditioning/fitness centers.

For this reason, we can not stress enough that anyone involved with the gym or exercise setting must not miss the opportunity to get their hands on the weight ball. 

The prices range from $10 to $100 depending on many variables like quality and weight. 

Unique Characteristics Of A Weight Ball 

As the name suggests, the weight ball is round and appears like a ball, but can weigh up to 9kg. The weight ball is normally made from materials like rubber or leather. 

Usage Of A Weight Ball 

Due to the characteristics of the eight ball, it can be used for power-based exercises like throwing, slamming, and squat + reach. 

The weight ball can also be used for core stability based exercises like weighted sit-ups, oblique twists and weighted leg raises. 


Gym Bar

Bars are the foundation of a loaded barbell and are essential for any strength-based training program.

The range of bars that you could invest in is absolutely mind-boggling and all serve a different purpose in the gym setting.  Some of the most popular bars include the Theolympic weightlifting bar and the hex bar. Gym bars range from $50 to $500 

Pretty much all commercial or advanced gyms and fitness settings have multiple of these bars that we highly recommend looking into. 

Usage Of Gym Bars 

The loaded barbell is crucial for compound exercises like the barbell bench press, barbell overhead press, barbell back row, barbell deadlift, and barbell squat. 

Without a doubt, barbells are essential for any strength training program and, therefore highly recommended. 


All in all, we have covered some of the most popular gym weights that must be considered before setting up a gym, fitness center, home workout environment, or online selling space. 

We hope that you enjoyed the article, please feel free to leave any questions, comments or queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Table of Contents

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