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Whatever your exercise goals, the fabric resistance band make a worthwhile addition to your gym bag. They’re versatile, easy to use, and mostly inexpensive.

In a market saturated with equipment brands that all make the same claims, knowing which one to choose can be a daunting task. Luckily for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting. 

In our article today, we’ve looked at the top six fabric resistance band manufacturers based in Australia. Each one we’ve chosen has proven to us that they should make our list. So, which brands cut? 

woman use resistance band

Fabric Resistance Bands - Manufacturers In Australia To Watch Out For In 2024

Fabric Resistance Band Manufacturer running

We’ve considered the company values, customer reviews, and product quality. Let’s take a look at them below.


  • Founded: 2012
  • Based in: Gold Coast, Australia

Alphafit is a 100% Australian-owned health and fitness company that specializes in strength and conditioning equipment. The brand focuses on making high-quality, innovative fitness products, expanding its warehouse and manufacturing facilities across Australia.

Their fabric bands are constructed using a combination of silk and polyester, making them durable and tear-resistant. Each band offers the same dimensions with different thicknesses. 

Alphafit is well-known throughout Australia. Their bands are well-constructed and easy to wash. We think that these are an overall great brand to use 

resistance bands Alphafit

Main Brand Points

✅All their equipment and accessories are Australian-made

✅Their bands are made from a blend of silk and polyester

✅They offer custom equipment options

❌Not many customer reviews on the website

Vulcan Fitness

  • Founded: 2020
  • Based in: Queensland, Australia

Vulcan Fitness is an Australian-owned small health and fitness brand. Their goal is to provide Australians with easy access to high-quality commercial and home gym equipment.

Their fabric resistance bands are made from durable rubber and range from X-small to XX-large. They come in several bright color options for easy identification.

Vulcan Fitness is a small company offering quality products that can be seen and tested in their showroom.

Vulcan resistance band

Main Brand Points

✅Several customer service contact options  

✅They have a showroom in Queensland, Australia

✅They offer fortnightly payment options    

❌Their couriers don’t deliver to PO boxes or parcel lockers

Verve FitnessFounded: 2017

  • Based in: Queensland, Australia

Verve Fitness is an Australian-owned company that employs staff who are passionate about health and fitness. They believe this will help them to produce products that are user-friendly and perform as required.

Their resistance bands are made from durable rubber and come in five different sizes. On the Verve Fitness website, the specifications of each band are nicely presented at the bottom.

The Verve Fitness bands look and feel great. Their bands are produced by a passionate team that believes in good-quality products.

Verve Fitness band

Main Brand Points

✅Large resistance range from 2 to 79 kgs 

✅They offer weekly payment options   

✅Each purchase comes with a one-year warranty    

Little Bloke Fitness

  • Founded: 2021
  • Based in: Coburg, Australia

Little Bloke Fitness aims to provide its customers with affordable health and fitness gear in a no-hassle environment. After going from a side hustle to a full-time commitment, they now produce their own product ranges.

Their fabric microbands are made from woven fabric and rubber. They are tear-resistant, double-stitched, and great for sensitive skin.

Little Bloke Fitness started from nothing and grew into something great. We like that these guys come from humble beginnings and continue to grow.

360 strength resistance band

Main Brand Points

✅They offer continued product development and in-house testing

✅Detailed product photos and specifications    

✅Their bands offer excellent value for money  

❌The colors aren’t as bright as other brands

Australian Barbell Company

  • Founded: 1942
  • Based in: Melbourne, Australia

Australian Barbell Company began as a hobby and quickly grew into a large health and fitness company that now produces health and fitness products in several categories.

They’re proud to supply and manufacture premium Australian-made products. Their microbands are made from latex wire wrapped in a fabric casing. They’re available in five resistance options from light to XX-heavy.

Australian Barbell Company has been around for a while. Their products have certainly been well-tested. We think that this brand is a good choice for people with sensitive skin

Australian Barbell resistance band

Main Brand Points

✅The brand offers several contact options for any product issues   

✅Customized products are available   

✅They offer a three-month warranty on their bands

Our Recommended Brand – Artbell Fitness

  • Founded: 1987
  • Based in: China 

This article wouldn’t be complete without us talking about our own brand. After 35 years of development and product innovation, we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Founded in 1987, Artbell Fitness manufactures and sells health and fitness equipment in pretty much every product category. Our product range includes gym machines, fitness equipment, lifting accessories, and resistance bands. . 

Our company puts customer service at the heart of everything we do. We’ve spent years listening to customer feedback to give you products that look and perform great. 

hip bands
hip bands
man hip circle bands
man hip circle bands
silica sistance bands
silica sistance bands

Main Brand Points

✅ A high-quality sales team trained to deal with any customer needs

✅ Products can be fully customized with company branding

✅ Three factory locations with advanced production machinery 

✅ 10 production lines and 70 export countries. 

Tips To Consider When Choosing Fabric Resistance Band Manufacturers Based In Australia

doing resistance trainning

So, now that we’ve summarized our top six resistance band manufacturers, what do you do with the information? Use the general tips below to pick the right brand for you. 

Equipment Variety 

Some brands will specialize in a particular product. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, a brand offering a large variety of equipment can be a good sign. 

With lots of different machines and gear, the brand is much more likely to understand the different goals and needs of different people. They offer the equipment to support you. This should include fabric resistance bands like the brands we’ve discussed above.

Product Reviews

Brands will a proven track record of providing excellent service and high-quality products should always be your preferred choices. Positive feedback from a diverse range of customers shows you that the brand and its products can be trusted to meet your needs.

Brand Customer Service Team 

Buying any piece of gym equipment represents a considerable investment. This includes fabric resistance bands. After all, it’s your hard-earned money. 

Make sure that the customer service team of the brand you are buying from can meet your needs. They should be able to deal with any queries or problems you may have.

A good company should have a customer service process that’s easy to follow and understand. They should put the customer first at all times. 

Which Fabric Resistance Band Manufacturer Should You Choose? 

The brands above are some of the best fabric resistance bands you can find that are based in Australia. Each one demonstrates excellent customer service and manufactures high-quality bands that live up to their claims. 

When choosing a suitable brand for your training goals, you can’t go wrong with any fabric resistance band manufacturers above.

Which brand stands out? What do you usually look for? Let us know in the comments below!

If you find that resistance band manufacturers in Australia are too expensive and not cost-effective, you might consider sourcing and producing large quantities of products from manufacturers in other countries. Especially if you want to create your own brand, partnering with Chinese manufacturers is a very good option. In this regard, Artbell Fitness is a highly recommended partner. With over 30 years of experience in resistance band production, they are renowned for their high-quality products, selling nearly a thousand tons worldwide each year.

Artbell Fitness’ resistance bands are known for their excellent quality and durability, and they are highly favored by fitness enthusiasts and professionals around the globe. Additionally, they offer a wide range of customization services, allowing them to design and produce products according to the specific needs of their clients, ensuring that every batch of products meets high-quality standards. Therefore, collaborating with Artbell Fitness will not only provide you with superior products but also offer professional services and a reliable supply chain.

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Alongside health and fitness writing, Chris works with private clients to develop meaningful lifestyle changes to improve their lifestyles and outlooks following years of general advice and frustration.


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