Adjustable Jump Rope

  • The fully adjustable jump rope is made of the highest quality materials
  • Scientifically designed handles fit the hand
  • Durable construction
  • Steel wire+PVC/TPU coating

Adjustable Jump Rope

  • The fully adjustable jump rope is made of the highest quality materials
  • Scientifically designed handles fit the hand
  • Durable construction
  • Steel wire+PVC/TPU coating
Model NumberYL-FA-238
NameAdjustable Jump Rope
MaterialAluminum cable
Size2.8/3m Length Rope
PackageOpp bag+carton

Adjustable jump ropes come in various styles, but the most common types include:

  1. Cable with Screw Handles: This type of adjustable jump rope typically features a thin cable with adjustable-length handles that have a screw mechanism. You can loosen the screw, adjust the length of the cable to your desired size, and then tighten the screw to secure it in place. These ropes are popular for speed and agility training due to their lightweight design and customizable length.
  2. Cable with Clip Handles: Similar to the screw handle style, these jump ropes have a thin cable that can be adjusted in length. Instead of a screw mechanism, they use clips or clamps on the handles to secure the cable in place after adjusting. This design allows for quick and easy adjustments without the need for tools.
  3. Cable with Adjustable Collars: Some jump ropes feature adjustable collars on the cable itself. You can slide the collars up or down the cable to change its length, and then lock them in place to secure the desired length. This design offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to adjust the length without having to detach the handles.
  4. Beaded Jump Ropes: Beaded jump ropes are typically adjustable by either removing or adding beads to the rope to achieve the desired length. These ropes are commonly used in schools or for recreational purposes due to their durability and ease of adjustment.
  5. Cordless Adjustable Jump Ropes: Cordless jump ropes feature weighted handles connected by a thin cord or no cord at all. The length of the cord can often be adjusted to accommodate different users. These ropes are popular for indoor use and travel, as they eliminate the risk of tripping over the rope.


When choosing a skipping rope, you should decide based on your personal needs and preferences.

Here are the different types of skipping ropes:

Weighted ropes. Suitable for people with a certain level of exercise, they can increase energy consumption, but because of their heavy weight, they may not be suitable for beginners.
Counting skipping ropes. Suitable for people who need to record the number of exercises, beginners or want to set goals. For example, PVC skipping ropes are durable and easy to clean.

Smart skipping ropes. Suitable for users who pursue high-tech experience, need to track exercise data or want to interact with mobile phone applications. For example, skipping ropes with Bluetooth chips can view exercise data in real-time.

Cordless skipping ropes. Suitable for people who need portable exercise equipment, have limited living space or want to exercise anytime, anywhere.


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