tpe yoga mat

  • Customizable, wholesale only
  • Latex-free, high rebound, and ample cushioning
  • Improves tear resistance and durability

tpe yoga mat

  • Customizable, wholesale only
  • Latex-free, high rebound, and ample cushioning
  • Improves tear resistance and durability
item no.YL-YG-107
Size173(183)*61(66)*0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8 cm

How to choose materials when buying yoga mats

MaterialSafetyDurabilityshock absorptionAnti-slipEasy cleanabilityQdor
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Consumers typically prioritize several key factors when purchasing yoga mats to ensure they meet their needs and preferences. Here are the primary concerns :

Safety: Consumers are concerned about the safety of the materials used in the yoga mat, particularly regarding potentially harmful substances like PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons). They may look for mats that are certified as non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals.

Durability: The durability of the yoga mat is essential to consumers as they want a product that will last through regular use without deteriorating quickly. Factors such as tensile strength and elongation at break are considered to gauge how well the mat will hold up over time.

Performance: Consumers want a yoga mat that performs well during their practice. This includes considerations such as the size of the mat (providing adequate space), weight (for portability), impact absorption (to protect joints), and friction coefficient (to prevent slipping). A mat that offers sufficient cushioning and grip is highly valued.

Environmental Impact: Increasingly, consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy, including yoga mats. They may seek out mats made from eco-friendly materials such as natural rubber, cork, or recycled materials, as well as biodegradable or recyclable mats.

Price: Cost is often a significant consideration for consumers when purchasing a yoga mat. They may look for a balance between quality and affordability, seeking out mats that offer good value for money.

Brand Reputation and Reviews: Consumers may also consider the reputation of the brand and read reviews from other users to gauge the quality and performance of the yoga mat before making a purchase decision.


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